37 Ford Coupe Build

As most of you know, we don’t have a huge selection of cars for our oval tracks. Specially if you want to model anything vintage. That’s why I decided to create these 37 Ford bodies. This is my favorite era of oval track racing.

This particular car is kind of well known in certain circles, so it was a natural to model. I started the project with one of my own resin castings, a set of my own urethane tires and inserts and one of my resin Flatheads. The decal sheet was obtained from Polecat DecalsĀ HERE


After opening up the wheel wells and hood openings and prepping the body for paint, I applied the red and white paint. Once that dried, I applied the decals and clear coated.


Now that the body is done, we’ll need a chassis. So out comes the brass and soldering iron! The chassis is a simple “A” frame style, much like the original car had. The motor is a SCC Piranha while the gears are Slot It. The wheels are CB Designs 15×8 insert style. The inserts are resin. I made my own motor brackets from brass.

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