Falcon Slot Cars – Porsche 908/3 Turbo

Another new brand name from Spain has appeared in our hobby with a fresh take on an old classic. More selection in our hobby is usually a good thing and with my interest in the classics, I had to take a closer look.

This review is a mix of videos and photos.

The new Falcon slot cars website tells us we are in for a “epic and wonderful premium” piece of work. I won’t go that far on the slot car, but I will give them credit a for a fresh web presence. Having an updated and working site seems to be the last item on the list for some brands and seeing this effort was a good start in my opinion.

Newcomers to our hobby should know that we have had a handful of brands from Spain over the last several years and sadly most of them were just not that appealing.  The recipe seemed to be choosing some very unappealing (in my opinion) model choices and mixing them with lower than industry standard quality running gear. Top it off with above premium/collector sticker prices and the end result left most of us cold.  The ones that are left are very far from being the our hobby’s favorite.

Some of these brands had something in common: In one way or another they reminded us of an actual longtime favorite: FLY. Even if they claim there are no ties to that older brand, the close similarity to it just cannot be ignored. Even it’s own name change to Flyslot made little sense to most and a majority of my close friends still just call them Fly.

Because you can keep changing the name on the box, but what we get inside just seems like just another Fly car.

 Enter Falcon Slot Cars.

As I stated in the video, Falcon may not have anything to do with our old beloved Fly, but what is in front of me sure speaks “Fly Classic” to me. Or as we like to say around here: “If it walks like a duck…Looks like a duck…”

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