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Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Rules and Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:22 am
by Audi1


This proxy is conducted in the spirit of the glory days of the Can-Am Racing series. As such, the goal is to race cars that appear as scale representations of cars that raced or could have raced in the Can-Am Racing series during the 1966-1974 seasons. Accurate reproductions of real cars are encouraged; however, fantasy liveries are allowed and may utilize any paint and decals as long as they have racing numbers in 3 locations (on doors/sidse, and top, hood, or trunk) and look period correct. If you are unsure of how these cars looked, please spend some time researching them; there are many pictorial descriptions of the Can-Am cars both online and in hard copy.

In the words of the late Mark Donahue who, among other racing achievements, drove the Sunoco Porsche 917/30 to the Can-Am Championship in 1973: "Racing runs by rules sometimes so restrictive that it's sometimes hard to tell where the book ends and the sport begins. Can-Am racing is a relief from the iron band of the rule book."

With that in mind, this proxy series does have some minimum Rules. PLEASE READ THEM THOROUGHLY!

The Proxy Event:

Concourse: The first event at The River Run will have a Concourse judging event. This event is an important and fun part of this proxy race because it recognizes the efforts and model-making of each entry and recognizes the raw beauty of these cars in 1/32 scale. Please make every effort to make your car look like it would have back in the day!!!

The Concourse will be voted upon by the volunteer drivers that will be attending the first race at The River Run. The cars will be judged on paint and appearance, assembly, realism, and their vintage flair.

Race Format: Finishing order for each round of the proxy race and the entire series will be determined by distance covered. This is based on laps driven within a set amount of time.

A minimum of 3 minutes racing time per car per lane is required at each track.

Each car is to be raced in a fair and equal manner and subject to the same track conditions. Lane and driver rotations to be determined by track host.

Winner of each race based on total distance traveled with points awarded base on the number of cars in the race. For example, in a 32 car field, the winner gets 32 points, second place gets 31, etc.

Tracks: This series will run at different 8 tracks; 4 in the US and 4 in Canada, in keeping with the racing format of the original Can-Am series. All tracks are routed wood.

Track voltage will be set between 10-12 volts at the host’s discretion and shall be equal for all cars. Check the Can-Am 2018 – Tracks thread to see the most commonly used racing voltages.

Registration Fee: The Registration Fee is $20 per entry and entrants are limited to one car for this series. This fee is due by March 1, 2018. Payment by PayPal is preferred to:

Due Date: All entries are due at the first track in the series – The River Run, by May 1, 2018. Shipping address is:

Allan Jarvis
46 River Road
Merrimac, MA 01860

Racing Start Date: The first race of the series is planned to be run by May 15th and all hosts are asked to stick to a maximum of 3 weeks from the time of receipt of the cars to mailing them on to the next host track. Faster than that is definitely better! With this timing, the entire series should be completed in less than 6 months.

Sign-Up and Waiting List: The series is limited to 32 total cars. Position on the Sign-up sheet will be on a first come – first served basis. Those who sign up after the 32 slots are filled will be put on a Waiting List. As of March 2, any racer on the Sign-Up list who has not paid his Registration Fee may have his slot taken by a racer from the Waiting List who does pay his Registration Fee. The mechanism for moving up from the Waiting List to the Sign-up List will be based on the highest number racer on the Sign-Up list who has not paid his Registration Fee being vulnerable to the lowest number racer on the Waiting List who has paid his Registration Fee. The reason for the March 1 Registration Fee deadline is to give races who move up from the Waiting List time to build and tune their entries.

Prizes: There WILL be prizes awarded; for both the top 3 places in the Concourse and the Racing Series. TBD at this time!

The Proxy Rules:

Eligible Cars: ANY car that participated in at least one race in the Can-Am Racing series during the period 1966-1974. If you have questions about a particular car that you are not clear on, then contact the Proxy Coordinator, Allan Jarvis (Audi1)

Body: ANY injection moulded, resin cast or 3D printed body in 1/32 scale.

No changes to wheel wells allowed and no body lowering that gives the car a “slammed” look. These cars were low enough!
Lightweight interiors allowed, but must be 3 dimensional and painted to show drivers head, shoulders, arms, steering wheel and dash, and a roll bar.
Entrant’s name must be noted on underside of car as well as instructions for body float adjustments, if any.
Car numbers must be unique; no duplicate numbers. Numbers will be reserved on a first come – first served basis.
Tires must fit fully under the fenders. Tires may NOT project beyond body work when viewed from above.
Clear window material must be present on both windshield and rear window on enclosed cockpit cars and as a windscreen on open cockpit cars and may be vacuum formed.
Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography prior to the first race, if needed, and to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.

Chassis: ANY chassis that is stock, aftermarket, scratch built, or 3D printed using any material, is eligible.

Podded or non-podded chassis allowed
Inline / sidewinder / anglewinder configurations all OK
Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface, on level track, by 1.0mm minimum (clearance).
Guide must be entirely under body, and NOT visible when viewed from above.
Traction magnets are NOT permitted.
Bearing-type of axle bushings are NOT permitted.
All chassis MUST be mounted like an RTR car - meaning screws through the chassis to body mounting points and no pins THROUGH the body, Velcro, etc. However, a chassis with side mounts such as the HRS/HSR-2 can be used - as long as the pins do NOT go through the body.

Gears: ANY stock or aftermarket gears and ratios of your choice may be used.

Motor: ANY commercially available FC-130, FK-130, FK-180 (including Flat 6 models) and FF-050 motor with a manufacturer’s spec of 23k rpm or less is allowed.

Motors may not be opened or modified in any way versus the stock commercially available motor; external capacitors may be removed

Wheels: ANY Plastic or aluminium wheels not larger than 15x10mm may be used.

Wheels must have period inserts or look reasonably period for the car - no BBS or blank aluminum insert wheels please.

Tires: ANY Rubber or Urethane tires not wider than 12mm shoulder-to-shoulder may be used.

No chemicals or oil-based preparation is allowed.
Tires are measured inner to outer sidewall.
Tires may be cleaned in any manner prior to shipping them to the first race.
Nail polish or clear coating of front tires is allowed.
No 0-ring tires on the front, but front tires may be profiled

Inspection and Repairs: A running inspection of cars is to be made before and after each race. Cars may be cleaned, lubricated and the braids may be adjusted, as needed. The only tire cleaning allowed is tape rolling and non-chemical liquids such as water. Minor adjustments may be made prior to the car being raced without penalty. If a car breaks during a race the track host may repair that car but the car will have a 3 lap penalty assessed against it. If a major repair is required, the track host will contact the car's owner to determine if the damaged car should be sent home for repair between races. This will be done at the car owner's expense. Car is to be forwarded to the next event by the owner and at the owner's expense.

Hosts: If you would like to host - please contact Audi1 here on the forum. You must be a member in good standing before we can consider you. This is to protect both HRW, the Proxy itself, as well as the car owners.
A picture and a description of the particulars of your track must be posted to the Can-Am 2018 – Tracks thread
Rules for Track Hosts will be sent to each host well in advance of their Round.

Car and Track Visuals: Hosts will need to provide pictures of the following during your Round:

Pictures of the full field of cars on your track
Pictures of the top three winners on your track (the start/finish line is a great idea)
A spreadsheet of the results sent to Audi1 within 24 hours of the actual race so official updates can be made
Video and/or live streaming is encouraged but not required.

Sign-Up List

1. Z-carfan - Car TBD / #31 [Registration PAID]
2. BARC 1 - Ferrari 350 / #19 [Registration PAID]
3. chrisguyw -Car TBD / #60
4. Dogsbody - Car TBD / #6 [Registration PAID]
5. aloha - Car TBD / #5
6. Mitch58 - Car TBD / # TBD [Registration PAID]
7. Brumos RSR - Porsche 911 RSR / #59 [Registration PAID]
8. FC47 - Car TBD / #47
9. alexis in greece - Ferrari 612 / #16
10. Audi1 - Porsche 917/10 / #0 [Registration PAID]
11. glasshorsevh - McKee Mk10 / #14 [Registration PAID]
12. chappy - Alfa Romeo T/33-4 / #2 [Registration PAID]
13. Austin - Porsche 911 RSR / #61 [Registration PAID]
14. ALS - Autocoast Ti-22 / # 66 [/color]
15. arroldn - Lola T-70 / #9 [Registration PAID]
16. rleog - Autocoast Ti-22 / #22 [Registration PAID]
17. changing.gearz - BRM 154P / #1
18. old23 - Car TBD / #23
19. bov - Porsche 917/10 / #12
20. redlynr - Porsche 908/2 / #76
21. radarek - Car TBD / #27
22. meth05 - Chaparral 2E / #30
23. pappy - Ferrari 512S / # 7 [Registration PAID]
24. smokeio - Ford TBD / #70
25. cj47 - McLaren M6B / # 11 [Registration PAID]
26. Beast Lee - Car TBD / #13
27. Spanish Fly - Car TBD / # TBD [Registration PAID]
28. Superslab - Lola T-70S / #80
29. Steeveew - Car TBD / # 65
30. VTECFOUR - Lola T-160 / #4
31. pzooc - Lola T-70 MkII / # TBD [Registration PAID]
32. jscot111 - Car TBD / # TBD

Waiting List

33. Duke7777
34. cgingras
35. Oscar Racing
36. gascarnut
37. Billy Boy
38. Nimrod
39. Mark
40. Double-B

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:16 am
by Rleog
I'm in for the Can Am.
#22 for the Autocoast Ti-22, please.

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:30 am
by Brumos RSR
Deciding between numbers 3 and 59 give me a week to pick which.

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:03 am
by Dogsbody
I'm in with number 6. Sunoco Lola T70.

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:31 am
by alexis in greece
#16 please

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:53 am
by arroldn

Will release the other numbers after testing. Well guess I could just move the #9 to the other cars. Which do you prefer?

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:15 am
by Changing-Gearz
I'll take #1 please Allan

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:16 am
by Old23
Sign me up for a place on the grid. #23 please.

Are there no scale or dimensional restrictions?


Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:29 am
by Aloha
Great to hear this will run again
May I request #5 please.
Many thanks

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:45 am
by Austin
My Fly Brumos Porsche will take # 61 please

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:20 pm
by BARC 1
Great Allan

I am assuming two entries are being considered depending on the demand for spots?. For sure I will be doing up a Ferrari 350, as I laid up the chassis for it last night. This will be done up as it raced other then it will carry number 19. If a second entry comes to pass it will be a Lotus 30 in a Fantasy scheme. Background will be that is all the BARC team could get their hands on. It was the same car that Jim Clark drove to a 3rd place finish in Riverside the year before. Repainted of course.

Really looking forward to this race. Trying to build a car more for Go then Show this time around!

Money Sent

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:58 pm
by arroldn
Rules limit you to 1 entry. I was hoping to enter 2 as well.


Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:42 pm
by BARC 1
I am assuming Allan is trying to get a 32 car field. If there are not 32 unique entries, there may be room for a second car?

Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:58 pm
by Audi1
We'll cross that bridge if we get there..... Think one car/racer and you'll probably come out right.


Re: Can-Am Proxy 2018 - Official Sign-up Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:11 pm
by glasshorsevh

We’d like to reserve our usual number 14. There will be just a single entry, thanks...