Sprite Proxy Race 2018 - Rules and Guidelines

Sprite Proxy Race 2018 - Rules and Guidelines

Postby VTECFOUR » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:58 am

Sprite Proxy Race (SPR) 2018
Rules & Guidelines

The Sprite Proxy Race celebrates sports car racing of the 1960’s in its simplicity and ingenuity. In that spirit, the following rules and guidelines strive for period appropriateness in the modeling and performance of the day.

1. The provided Bug/Frogeye body must remain stock on the exterior as provided in the kit. No chopping or sectioning of the body to lengthen, widen or shorten it. Sill height must be maintained. Wheel arches cannot be re-radiused but can be cleared of molding flash. Removing flash from incomplete molding within the driver cockpit and rear valence detail (muffler, gas tank) is also allowed. The inside of the body can be sanded or shaved to reduce weight but must not be penetrated. Conversely, resin or epoxy may be added to reinforce thin areas.
2. The Bug/Frog-eyed "face" must remain intact including the grille and headlight pots. The grille may be opened to the original shape and be filled with a mesh material. Headlamp bezel and lamp detail not present on the provided body may be added.
3. The hard tonneau cover and driver upper torso on the provided body may be removed and replaced with a soft tonneau cover or interior tray and replacement driver figure. The figure must include a head with shoulders, arms and steering wheel. Open faced helmets are encouraged for a period “look”.
4. Cockpit must be covered so that the chassis/motor is not visible when viewed from above.
5. A roll bar or head rest fairing must be installed. A windscreen is optional and can be any shape or material. Mirrors are also optional.
6. Wings, spoilers and air dams are not allowed.
7. Car must be painted in a period-appropriate color scheme and clearly show the car number in three locations: both sides and the front bonnet or rear deck.

Chassis & drivetrain
1. Chassis may be constructed from any material or combination with any motor layout (ie. front engine, inline, anglewinder, sidewinder). Track clearance between the chassis’s lowest point and the track shall be a minimum of .09375 inches (3/32”) with the guide fully engaged in the track slot.
2. A single guide may be a keel or pin type. Depth is limited to .275 inches (7mm). For a keel, length is a maximum of .710 inches and must not extend past the body when viewed from above.
3. Wheels used must be the provided RS Slot Racing RSW002 aluminum rims, front and rear.
4. Car must roll on the provided Paul Gage urethane tires 21073 at the front and 21093 on the rear. They may be glued to the rims, lightly sanded and rounded at the edges.
5. Wheels must have inserts (.450” diameter), preferably period-appropriate.
6. Wheels and mounted tires must fit within the provided body and not protrude beyond the fenders when viewed from above.
7. Wheels and mounted tires must be fully visible in the wheel arches and not be tucked and dropped within the body.
8. Car cannot have any traction magnet other than magnets integral to the provided motor.
9. Chassis must not be visible outside the car as viewed from directly above the car.

Motor, gears and gear ratio
1. Power is a single motor as provided in the “kit”, the Slot Car Corner Classic Tuna 16K motor.
2. Pinion and crown gears may be of any material as provided by manufacturers.
3. Gear ratio chosen is at the builder’s discretion. Track information with pictures and features will be posted on the forum headquarter pages to facilitate decisions.

Race Organization
1. All races to be run on routed wood tracks.
2. All races to be run at a maximum of 10 volts.
3. If the cars are run on multi-lane tracks, all cars must do a heat with each driver and on all lanes.
4. All cars will be raced 3 minutes in each lane. The car’s score is the sum of the traveled distance per lane.
5. Race track venues (pending)
- Luf's Targa Burnaby (British Columbia, Canada)
- Luf's Burnaby Grind Hill Climb (British Columbia, Canada)
- Mike’s YVR (British Columbia, Canada)
- Roger’s Maple Ridge (British Columbia, Canada)
- Don’s Attic (British Columbia, Canada)
- Perry’s Canyon (British Columbia, Canada)
- Bob’s Cornerstone (Massachusetts, USA)
- Bob’s Vernon L (Connecticut, USA)

1. All cars must be postmarked by January 19, 2018 for delivery by February 9, 2018.
2. Cars are to be mailed to Dan Pang (VTECFOUR) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
3. Entry fee to be $50 (USD) per car to be paid via PayPal to VTECFOUR (vtecfour@gmail.com). Fee will include the “kit of parts” shipped to the entrant for construction and the return of the entry at the conclusion of the proxy race. The kit includes a VTECFOUR resin cast 1:29 Bug/Frogeye body modified from an old Monogram model, Slot Car Corner Tuna Classic 16K motor, RS Slot Racing RSW002 aluminum rims (4), Paul Gage urethane tires, 21073 (2x) and 21093 (2x). Entry/registration payments will be accepted up to November 15, 2017.
4. Entrants outside of US or Canada should add $5 (USD) for higher international shipping costs.
5. Limit of one car per entrant.
6. Maximum field of 20 cars.
7. Car number to be assigned on a first pay basis.
8. Cars will be scrutineered for compliance with SPR rules. Deviations may be corrected or, if not, cars may be penalized in standings or deemed unfit to race.
9. Entrants to provide description of chassis build and gear ratio for reference.
10. Entrant’s identification to be indicated on the visible underside of the chassis.

Scoring and Prizes
1. Scoring for each race will be based on the final race position with proxy overall low score being the winner. For each track, the order of finish corresponds to the awarded points. First place will be awarded one point, second place two, third place three, etc.
2. Competitors will select from a prize list in descending order of finish from first place. Additional prizes may be awarded at the organizers discretion.

Damage and Repairs
1. Cars damaged in transit or racing may be repaired by the track host or returned to owner at owner's discretion. If replacement parts are required, the owner is expected to reimburse host for cost of part (only).
2. Organizers assume no liability for damage to cars during shipping, handling, racing or any other activity.

End of Competition
Cars and prizes will be mailed back to their owners at the completion of competition.
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Re: Sprite Proxy Race 2018 - Rules and Guidelines

Postby DRW21 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:00 pm

Sounds just perfect Guys, you really know how to set things up for a whole heap of fun.
I'm in for sure and will get the entry fee paid very soon.
Awesome work Guys - this is gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Sprite Proxy Race 2018 - Rules and Guidelines

Postby glasshorsevh » Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:05 pm

Tiny Alice is all over this... payment sent for one car. Number 14 preference... After that it's 29 or30 in th at order.

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Re: Sprite Proxy Race 2018 - Rules and Guidelines

Postby F1Fan » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:38 pm

Great job on the rules, clear and detailed

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