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Re: Thunder Slot Lola T70 CAN AM

Postby Czar » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:34 am

You make some good points, Mayberryman. My motto on the race track is: "I'd rather lose by an inch than win by a mile."
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Re: Thunder Slot Lola T70 CAN AM

Postby MacMoose » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:27 pm

Dewman51 wrote:I am a firm believer that Carrera has become a leader in 1/32 Plastic Chassis racing as far as giving us a great product with good detail, a car that runs good out of the box, mag or no mag and a car that stands up to the bashing of racing.

Granted, the Thunderslot Lola is above average cost but as far as competition goes, it's a case of horses for courses. I see your viewpoint as quite reasonable given the situation you describe. 3 to 4 second lap times using traction magnets indicates a rather smallish track. Very much the situation for many groups, but not universal.

For comparison let us examine Scalextric cars as raced (or not raced) by our group. We are privileged to have a long (50 meters) track and we do not allow magnets. The out-of-round wheels and tires on Scalextrics require an added expenditure of some £30 to correct. Keeping up with the leading cars requires a better motor than standard (and to stave off boredom) so we have another £10 to £14 spent. For our track, the NSRs, Slot.its, and such are very cost-effective. Thunderslots are that bit better at the moment and worth the spend for many of us. Carrera, Scalextric, and similar types, are simply not up to the job, no offense meant.
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