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Ford Cobra

Postby BARC 1 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:19 pm

Just finished up a Cobra that is destined to be in the Ford VS Porsche proxy. This was a project I was working on when the proxy was announced, so it was easy to get it ready

This has a chassis built from Lego Technics with a Pirhana motor mounted in line.

Body is an old Monagram snaptite kit. I vacuum formed the removable hardtop to make it Lemans ready.

Fantasy BARC livery with sponsorship from BA.



I tried building a chassis using Lego Technics. It comes molded with 3/16 bores, so it is a natural for fitting bearings. The bored holes also make it nice for selecting the right wheelbase. The motor is mounted with plastic structure, and then I used hot glue to fix the whole thing in for a proxy environment. It should be pretty solid.



You can see how I milled away some of the beam to give the required clearance for the width of the car. Alternately I could have milled away the material around the motor, and used that as a solid motor mount. I think I will try this on the next one. Oh ya it still has a giftcard for a pan.
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Re: Ford Cobra

Postby Audi1 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:53 pm

Always an interesting build from BARC-1. Looks good!

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