Seeking help with a Scalextric Computer II

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Seeking help with a Scalextric Computer II

Postby 4380r » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:36 am

Trying to sell an older (1990's) Scalextric II Computer, a book sized unit that counts/times lap and rudimentarily 'manages' a race, for a friend who does not have internet access. In terms of functionality, it reminds me of the current DS200 system.

He used it on his 2 lane Scalex layout in the 90's up until he went to 4 lane Scalex, then Ninco, then ultimately a routed track using more modern RMS'.

It worked when put away years ago (as I recall it was about as confusing to use as the current DS systems). Thing is, somewhere along the line he put an XLR connector on the cable so he could do a quick disconnect for some reason.

Knowing a new owner will want to know how to take off that plug and make the appropriate splices to hook it up to its sensor track again, looking for help from anyone with such a unit or is knowledgeable of them.

Pix of the cables from the unit to the sensor track would be helpful. And/or a description describing the wiring/hook ups.

Any help appreciated.
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