Posting your home track: The Details

Photos and Descriptions of YOUR Home Layout

Posting your home track: The Details

Postby HomeRacingWorld » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:38 am

Had a few emails so time to answer them as best I can in here.
The questions remain the same: "What do I need in my Readers Roads post?" The answer is? Photos and as much information of your home track of course :)

What is it YOU like to see when looking at a post? The same questions always get asked when people post their home empires, so here is a quick list you can follow to create a good posting.

1. At least 2 or more overall views of the track. That is just a minimum. The MORE the better. From under construction to different close ups of the action, chose as many photos as it takes to show off your great track.

2. Dimensions. This is the number one question people will ask.

3. Type of track. What brand if plastic? If it's wood then share the details. MDF? Plywood? OSB? You routed actual concrete? We want to know :) If routed then share information such as lane spacing, paint used as your surface, copper tape or braid.

4. Power & Control. Just list what you use for power and controllers.

5. Location. Another very often asked question. Think of this as you possibly letting others in your area know you are out there.

Posting photos is very easy if you just take a few minutes to read our guides.
Posting Photos Help Forum Here

If you have a Photobucket or other online photo library, then you can just follow this quick guide.
Posting Photos Quick Link

Photo sizes: The maximum width for a photo is 900 PIXELS
If your photo is wider, the forum software will resize it 900. The size is set to allow a faster loading forum and one that is easy to navigate on the vast number of different devices.

And finally, if you can PLEASE answer questions others may ask :) Also feel free to UPDATE your post in the event you change things.

Hope this helps you share your great home track with others. :flags-waveusa:

Here's a quick video that easily explains how to add pictures to your posts.

Watch on

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