Slot Car Olympics (Denver)

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Slot Car Olympics (Denver)

Postby Dogsbody » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:35 am

So, I'm thinking a Saturday morning through early Sunday evening of racing on the 4-laner Carrera at our LHS in Denver. It'll be multi-disciplined with 4 to 5 or more classes and the podium finishers of each race series will go on to race an IROC in the finals on Sunday afternoon, something like Slot it Group Cs or the like (Alan? Dave K, Jules - ideas?). Accommodation-wise and depending on how many of you show, we could have host families put you up or there are local hotels.

Prizes yet to be determined and I know it has to be worth you making the trip, there'll be a nominal entry fee that'll get you into the races and lunch both days and hopefully a discount on slot cars if needed and parts from the LHS .

Class-wise I'm thinking and this is open to discussion:
1. Can Am
2. Group 5
3. Thunderslot Lolas (though this might work as the IROC finale)
4. Vintage NASCAR (3D chassis allowed)
5. Classic Le Mans
6. ?

Bear in mind that this is all off the cuff and some stuff just might not be workable given time constraints and more adult discussion. Plus, we need to nail down the rules - want to be basic and fair here.
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