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IRL Insane Racing League

Postby midmoslts » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:07 am

We are putting together a series of races to help grow slot racing interest in the local area and have some fun. The idea is that they will be shorter get togethers (about 2 hours) and focus on having some fun, but not killing an entire summer day. So that's the idea behind the...
Insane Racing League

The plan is to have 2 classes, Novice & Pro. I use the term Pro loosely. The plan is to have 7 races 6 weeks apart with the first race on April 2nd. and the last on Dec. 10th.

Novice would be for drivers just getting started with slot car racing or getting back into it after some time away. We want drivers to have a chance to figure things out before being thrown to the wolves. Once the get it figured out they can be moved up to the Pro class. This class will use H&R chassis with an MT5 motor and a 90's 1/24 scale hard body.

Pro class would be for the drivers that are consistently fast or winning often enough in Novice to be bumped up. We will make every effort to transfer any points accumulated in novice to keep drivers in contention for the championship. This class will use H&R chassis with the Piranha motor and a vintage T/A racing type 1/24 scale hard body.

If you are in the area and would be interested in joining us get in touch. If you have ideas or helpful input, please share.

Insane Speedway is providing trophies for the 2 champions, but I have also been working on sponsors for small donations too. I hope to have stuff we can give out for the younger drivers at each race.

More details to come..
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