2 DS300 Lap Counting/Timing/Race Management Units For Sale

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2 DS300 Lap Counting/Timing/Race Management Units For Sale

Postby 4380r » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:06 pm

Two DS300 race control/timing/lap counting/race management units for sale together. The master Lanes 1 and 2 box, with the add-on Lanes 3 and 4 unit. Includes power wall wart, two cables to connect to dead strips, RS232 cable to USB to connect to PC or Laptop. Have used for practice, and for one club race event.

All worked fine. The DS products can be challenging to program, but if you can get through the manual and reason it out, these things can really do a lot of things.

Why am I selling? I didn't use the race control functions, I needed them simply as lap counting/timing sensors to talk to PC Lapcounter RMS. These are overkill, so I've gone with a simpler sensing solution.

Trying to sell here first. $225 here (PayPal only, pay as 'friend' to minimize fee) includes shipping to lower 48 states only. This is FAR less than half what these two units and cables would cost new. If they don't sell in the next few days, they'll go on ebay with a higher starting bid, and additional cost for shipping, and will be made available to overseas buyers with higher shipping and handling.

I also have a nice, slightly more used DS200 unit for a two lane layout. $105 shipped to lower 48.

Located in MD. email me directly at tlbrace2008@yahoo.com



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