The eyes have it

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The eyes have it

Postby waaytoomuchintothis » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:49 pm

Cataracts, that is. The Dr's first response to my eye test was, "Can you read?". My cataracts have grown a lot (a lot-alot), and both now cover almost the entire visual area of my lenses. She said that if I had to take the driver's license test, I would fail it. Apparently I have been muscling my eyes to see around the outer edge of the lens where the cataracts are thinner for years now. I also have been seeing everything through a golden filter, so my color acuity is way off. I am going to go through all my cars to see if I painted some weird color that doesn't belong. And that's coming from a guy who has TWO pink cars.

So, after the beginning of September, you can trust my color sense again!
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby HomeRacingWorld » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:16 pm

Good to "see" this :) I hope it does what is intended.

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Re: The eyes have it

Postby Half Fast Slotter » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:03 pm

Sorry to hear that, but glad things are going to be fixed. Each of my parents has had cataract surgery within the last year. Much easier and also much quicker recovery than a while back. Seems like it was a day or so and they felt like normal vision. They both said everything is brighter and much more vivid colors. Best of luck.
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby Mayberryman » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:49 pm

Rob, my wife has both eyes done at The Virginia Eye Center near University of Richmond. After the first one was done she could not wait until they could do the second one. The procedures did wonders and now I can not hide a thing from her.
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby Broman62 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:26 pm

Way...good luck on your upcoming procedures!! Your sight must have been fine cause I always thought your car colors were first rate!!!
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby ourwayband » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:53 pm

Good luck on your surgery!My wife,who is still young in my book at 56 ,had both of her eyes done this year.She sees better now then she ever did,even as a child..They replaced the lenses in both eyes..
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby frank9129 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:33 pm

The first thing I said after my surgery is "God this bathroom is white!!".
Enjoy the colors. I'm color blind (B-G-R-).
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Re: The eyes have it

Postby strangebrew » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:18 pm

My Mom's 91 & had the surgery a few years back & doesn't wear glasses..............I DO!!!!
My Dad was color blind & did a lot of toll painting............You should see some of his sky & tree colors.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Makes the paintings unique though. :D
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