Carrera 1/24 inline car?

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Carrera 1/24 inline car?

Postby proxieken » Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:12 pm

I was wondering if Carrera makes an inline car in this scale. I have 3 different 1/24 scale cars and all are sidewinders. The rear ends are too wide to function under the hardbodies I am trying to make.

I am still pondering how to proceed with making some 1/24 scale cars for use on my track. I had considered making a chassis, but if there is a ready to run chassis I could get and simply stretch it out it would save a lot of effort.

In the event there are no Carrera 1/24 scale inline chassis cars, where might I locate a suitable motor and gears for scratchbuilding one? I know the Carrera uses a different voltage for 1/24 and I want to keep all the cars the same so I need to find a motor of similar voltage.

Thanks in advance.
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