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Re: K&b

Postby Mseitz » Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:56 pm


K&B bodies are narrow enough that they run quite well on my 1:32 track. They are not the fastest cars in my vintage collection but as mentioned earlier they are very smooth runners and match up well against one another.

Been meaning to buy a fourth car to have one for each lane. Not all that expensive, they must have made thousands as ebay always has a selection. Enjoy building your collection. There are plenty out there. Paul Gage has tires that work great.

One of mine has the Super Challenger motor but on my small track it performs nearly equal to the others. Might be different on a commercial track, but still lacking compared to the 36Ds raced in that era.
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Re: K&b

Postby LAMing » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:49 pm

K&B n' Aurora!!

Some of my favorite home racing 1/32 slot cars "back then" were the K&B/Aurora models. I really liked the adjustable chassis and they ran pretty stinkin' good for a home set type of car. I liked the full sized body cars (Mustang, GTO, etc) the best. I also remember scratch building some "Super Modified's" using tinplate I had salvaged from tin cans, then painted and decaled! The Super Modified's made for some fun racing. The threaded axles and aluminum wheels were also great. Much more versatile than the press-on type of my other home set cars: Strombecker. (Don't get me wrong, I also really liked my Strombecker stuff and had WAY more of it than K&B/Aurora.)

Best bargain ever: Purchased an Aurora "over and under" figure 8 set for peanuts at a clearance sale that included a Mustang and a GTO.

SO many good memories.
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