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Scalextric Mercedes AMG – GT3

Is it the car or the paint? Well I do not hide the fact that the GULF scheme appeals to me. It is just like Black and Gold or that occasional shot of Jagermeister. However, this release has more going for it than just good looks as I soon discovered.

Introduction Video

Length Width Height Weight Gearing Motor Wheelbase Rear Track Front Track
147.50 MM 62 MM 37 MM (Roof) 75.50g 9/27 21,500 RPM 82.50 MM 61.65 MM 61.35 MM

For some presentation is everything. As minimal as it may be for the hardcore race enthusiast, I truly appreciate the GULF packaging. Since I like the scheme it simply stands out for me. But I am not alone. Although it was not this car but the prior Porsche, as I stood in the slot aisle looking at my next purchase another customer was doing the same. I then heard: “Oh wow, GULF!” “Man that is just cool. I love that paint job.” Soon it was in his hands and out the door. 

So maybe the extra effort made on the packaging is not a waste as some believe?

The paint work is very well done. The entire model just has an excellent finish.

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