RevoSlot Viper

Revoslot is one company in our 1/32nd scale competition level arena that truly makes something different. It is because of this unique design and how they performed that I became a fan. Well behind other enthusiasts as usual, the Viper finally joins the stable.

I am late to the Viper party of course. Many clubs are already racing them and the feedback I am reading seems mostly positive. They have had a few design changes since the first Porsche, but this Viper is very close to the same models I had before.

Configuration: Anglewinder
Gearing: 12/33
Height: 36.50 MM
Length: 143.40 MM
Width: 62.75 MM
Wheelbase: 78.35 MM
Front/Rear Track: Front: 60.95 MM – Rear 63.35 MM
Guide Center to Rear Axle Center: 87.85 MM
Guide Blade Depth: 6.20 MM (Extra 8 MM Depth Guide Included)
Body/Interior Weight: 25 grams
Chassis Weight: 75 grams
Weight Total: 100 grams (100.5 with body mount screws)
Motor:  Revoslot “FK-130” Tested: 21,775 @ 12 VDC

On the outside this model is quite the eye candy. Fit and finish are very well done and they captured the overall look of this famous Dodge rather well.

The aluminum anodized chassis is the main attraction, at least for me.

The color of axle supports/motor mount is now green. This color coding seems to be a way to identify parts for a certain model. Such as red for my Porsche, blue for the Marcos, etc. 

I am just guessing of course. The website they list on the box is a dead link and emails to BRM go unanswered. 

Slight chassis changes from the Porsche and Marcos chassis. A fully recessed motor screw area instead of the recessed slots like the Marcos. No real reason or improvement to me. Recessed was all that was needed over the Porsche. Milling out the whole area wasn’t really needed.

The motor opening is larger. This was needed as the rear of the motor could hardly clear before. So they gave it an extra MM.

And we have a new shim. This allows the other end of the motor to clear the motor opening and sit flush against the motor mount bulkhead. Would be nice to have a part#, but it isn’t even listed in the small brochure you get with the model.

In case you are new to these cars, they have a larger 3MM axle and use metric M3 screws.

I use my own 1.5 MM wrench, but any will do. Just don’t get heavy handed, they are easily stripped (ahem).

I will NOT tell you to glue in the bearings. I will tell you the rears will spin in the mounts over time. I did glue mine in using some CA (Super Glue) but I had to take car and ONLY USE the smallest amount.

Finally the most important, and completely unnecessary change. These new wheels are slightly wider than the ones found on the Porsche and Marcos. And for no good reason whatsoever aside from taking a chassis platform that was supposed to be mechanically compatible in a series, to making it the opposite.

Paul Gage lists the #21125 as a urethane replacement, but you will need to true it. Thats’s ok. easily done and it works just fine.

I prefer the fit of the #21125LM myself, but again you will need some truing on your machine.

The quick fix for the existing Quick Slicks that were specifically made for the smaller wheel is a good old fashioned O-ring. I installed it on the inside and it keeps the tire firmly seated on the wheel.

Testing other tires we found the Quick Slicks #TS43 made for the Thunderslot models to work even better. Thanks to the filled groove that fills the gap in the Thunderslot wheels, this tire sits about as flush as you can ask for.

After a little fine tuning and installing the deeper guide provided, the car ran as expected. No, this isn’t the quietest model on the track, but with a little break-in it’s not too bad. But the chassis just resonates sound very well. I am used to it and enjoy the action of the car.

These are not the most budget-friendly models, but I still like them for what they bring to my hobby. I enjoy the difference this car is against any other and they really chose some nice older body styles that are still attractive.

This car is a special one and I will enjoy running it with my friends. If you are looking for something different in 1/32, you might give this brand a try.


Car purchased at Slot Car Corner