Carrera Ford Capri


Carrera has released their version of this famous car and for the average home racer it is a welcome sight.

As with other releases from Carrera the past few years, not much work was needed to achieve some seriously fun on track action.

Length Width Height Weight Gearing Motor
160.50 MM 65.25 MM 37 MM (Roof) 100g 9/27 18,500K 

For a very good look inside the 1:1 famous car, head over here to Speedhunters.  Of course it is different paint but it all applies. And Carrera will release this scheme eventually anyway.

Although I welcomed a new mold from Carrera as usual, it wasn’t all fanfare for me.   As a veteran enthusiast I already own several versions of these famous Capri’s in both Fly and Sideways offerings. So seeing yet another version of it just didn’t excite me as much as a mold of a model not yet offered in our hobby.


On the other hand…this is a Carrera version. For starters the model only cost $31.99 in analog. That is a far cry from the collector prices Fly versions bring and almost half of what you would lay out for a Sideways offering.  So for the average home racer on a budget, this release is a very welcome addition.

Overall the car looks just fine to me. Nothing is ever perfect in our hobby and fine scale rivet counters will have their objections. As usual, only you can decide if what you see is good enough for your collection.

Detail level satisfies my eyes and so does the high quality finish. Carrera has improved in this department over the years and what is in front of me is about as clean and attractive as it gets.

Not just the detail is appealing. Do you notice it? Yes, this car is rather low. Just like it should be.

Wheels and tires look good and my tests showed just a slight wheel hop. That’s expected and also easily addressed.

The front wheels are independent. Not really excess free-play to worry over in my opinion. These cars vary of course, so yours might need a shim or two.

Fans of Carrera see familiar territory. Inline configuration with 9/27 gearing. Dual magnets for those that enjoy them and a polarity switch for reversing direction.

There are no direct slip on tires for this model YET. I managed to fit a set of Paul Gage on the wheels but not before quite a bit of wheel sanding to reduce the diameter of the inner rib. If doing this doesn’t scare you off, then PGT 20138LM’s will work.



Average 3.90 with fast lap dipping into the 3.8 range. 

I’ll take that all day. Especially from a car that was designed for plastic track with magnets.

The bottom line is that it’s a nice car for a nice price. Runs well with just a tire change and for my home racing that is really all I can ask for. Your mileage will vary, but for my hobby dollar this is well worth considering for your own collection.

Now I’ll wait for the next versions as patiently as I can.


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