Fly/Flyslot Chassis Guide Mod


Hi Folks, This is the Fly version of the “Scaley Guide Tip” thread and unlike the Scaley version, this one applies to Fly (Flyslot) chassis. This works whether you use the stock guide or your favourite replacement.

This tip/process will eliminate “tank slappers” which don’t help your forward progress and can result in broken guide tongues/guide post holders.

Most brands of ready to run slot cars will benefit from a guide that rotates more than stock. Both in terms of performance and longevity.

Here’s to faster smoother driving cars, and longer lasting chassis!

I have done this to many many Fly cars. From my own, club members, shop customers, etc, with no issues.

The first picture is of a stock Fly chassis/Guide, with the guide rotated as far as it can go. When racing, (especially without magnets) it is easy to make the car slide more than the stock chassis design permits. When this happens the guide is slammed against the chassis and you get a “tank slapper”. This can lead to either the guide blade or the chassis itself breaking.




The next picture is a top view of the first picture. Here you can see where the guide butts up against the chassis, preventing it from rotating further.


The fix is simple. I have highlighted with a silver sharpie the area of the chassis to be removed.

I normally use a round burr in a Dremel but, a round file or even an Xacto BLADE (if you are careful) can be used.


The photo above  shows the modification made to the left hand (as you are looking at it) side of the chassis.


For this Demo I have used the stock guide, and in the last picture you can see that the guide is now able to rotate considerably more than stock.

For those concerned that removing plastic will weaken the chassis…rest easy… that the guide can rotate nearly 90 degrees, you eliminate the potential of the guide hammering on the chassis/guide post, and chassis breaks in this area are a thing of the past. 

Chris Walker