30 October - 2014
Getting Started

Quick Tire Upgrade

Sometimes all you want to do is to get your car to go faster & there is no faster way to accomplish that than a set of new tires. Our hobby has different brands & blends to choose from but one of the most popular brands is Paul Gage. These tires are popular with Carrera models in particular because they are designed to fit the many different sizes of wheels they make.

Installing a new set of tires is very easy and in just a few minutes you will back on the track having fun.

Parts & Tools List  

Paul Gage Tires - Part# PGT-20126LM
9 Volt Battery
Emery Board or Sandpaper
Masking Tape

Quick & Easy Installation

First remove the 4 screws that mount the body to the chassis. Can you install tires without taking the body off? Of course. Sometimes there is plenty of room to handle the tires. But I always advise removing the body as I just find it easier to accomplish.

Next remove the old tires. Just pull slightly and they will come right off. I would save them in the case the car came in in case you ever need them.

Time for some quick wheel clean up. Sometimes the wheels have some "flash" molding left behind on them. This is from when they take the wheels off the mold. Most times it is very small and harmless. But it's always a good idea to quickly clean them to make sure your new tire sits on the wheel properly.

The easiest way to do this to hold the car with a 9 volt battery touching the braids in one hand while touching the emery board to the wheel with the other. The video should show how easy it is.

Now time to install our tires. I ordered these tires at the same time I ordered the car. It is very convenient LEB Hobbies has a good selection of the most popular sizes of Paul Gage on hand.

The tires have one side that has some molding visible. Mount the molded side to the inside with the smoother side towards the outside. These tires might seem small, but they are designed to stretch. Just pull them over the wheel and adjust them as needed until you see they are sitting evenly on the wheel.

As you race your car, the tires can sometimes get dirty. They just collect dust and other small debris over time that reduces the grip. Cleaning them is easy using household masking tape.

Hopefully the video shows how easy it is.


Now you see just how easy it is to improve the performance of your slot car.

An inexpensive set of tires and just a few minutes of installing them. Keeping them clean will keep your car running well and you should really appreciate the improved performance.


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